Our berry farm was established in 2011. The whole idea started when a family member got really sick during the cold/flu season. In the past we usually just grabbed some over-the-counter medicines but this time I remembered from my childhood back in Europe, that my grandma and mom used elderberry juice to treat cold/flu, so I used it for my own family and we were all amazed how quick the elderberry juice could ease the symptoms. We became more aware of the great health benefits of elderberries and wanted to grow some for personal consumption. Very soon we decided to grow them commercially because of the tremendous health benefits they have.

If you do a search on "elderberry health benefits" on any search engine, it will bring up several links from personal experiences to university's researches and doctors opinions, that elderberry is not only used to treat cold and flu but they also say, it can lower cholesterol, improve vision, boost the immune system, improve heart health...

We have incorporated elderberries into our diet. Our little one has been sick about a single day. That was when she got the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) somewhere. After that episode we gave her a little elderberry juice every day and she has not been sick since. The great value we see in elderberries is in the great health benefits, plus, it makes a tasty beverage.

Our products from cuttings/plants to juice.